Tageted Job Search


One of the most effective ways to search for a job is by using a “targeted job search” – reaching out to 25-50 companies where you’d like to work. Here’s how:


It can be a labor-intensive exercise but is fruitful in identifying job opportunities – some of which have not yet been posted.


Follow these steps:


1. Identify companies where you’d like to work. Start with preferred companies, geographies, and industries.


2. Identify hiring managers – or people who work in that department. LinkedIn search is a good tool for this.


3. Identify hiring managers’ contact info – a good resource is hunter dot io (web site)- discover the email pattern at the company, and then you can infer what this person’s email is.


4. Study the industry.


5. Research target companies.


6. Reach out with an inquiry letter & ask for an informational interview.


7. Follow up with the hiring manager and offer your skills if they are interested in seeing more about you. Sometimes they don’t respond but that’s okay – keep moving forward with your search.


8. If you are not hired after following these steps, keep reaching out to companies until you find a fit.


9. Drop a resume in their career portal, it won’t hurt anyone.


10. Don’t give up – sometimes the most difficult part of the job search is taking that first step. Have faith, persist and you will be successful. Good luck!
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